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Vishal Aditya Singh Being Played By Bigg Boss

2 min read
Vishal Aditya Singh

Yesterday in the Bigg Boss house a task took place wherein Vishal was the first contestant to go in that container and be in there for 17 minutes. But here is the video by The Khabri Official wherein we can see that at 8:30 there was another announcement for Mahira.  

Here we can see that maybe makers did it deliberately to nominate Vishal. There might be high chances to remove him from the game as per The Khabri’s tweet. This week the nominated contestants are Vishal, Sidharth, Rashami, Aarti whereas other contestants are safe.  

On the contrary, that, all the contestant’s family members will also enter the house. This would be fun watching all of them together and their housemates doing the task.  

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