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Last Task To Get Radh Because Of This Contestant

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Yesterday we saw a promo where you can see that this would be the last task for the contestants in the house. But even in those tasks Paras and Rashami had a big fight as Rashami is announced as the sanchalak for this task. During the task Paras asked Bigg Boss to give his decision but there Bigg boss said that sanchalak’s decision would be the last one.

On this Paras had a major fight with Rashami and he then targeted Shehnaaz during this task. Then after that, he even removed the tortoise covers of Shehnaaz and Aarti. This surely shows that he is the person behind quitting the task in the house. For this task, even Sidharth said, “ye kya kar raha hai tu”. To which he replied, “Lele Immunity ab”.

At this stage, we can see that nothing is more important than winning.

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