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Bigg Boss 13 Couple Yoga Concept Comes From Splitsvilla 11

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Shilpa Shetty brings in the healthy yoga tips and tricks in the house. She is teaching some breathing exercises to the housemates. Well, this time the makers have decided to take this couple yoga concept from Splistvilla 11.

A glimpse from today’s episode

There is just one difference that here they are not blindfolded and they are performing it as Shilpa Shetty is the yoga teacher. Even some of the poses also seem the same and this what gives you thought back that you might have watched these things before. But here we gave you the clarification from where this concept has been taken from.

These are the glimpse from Splitsvilla 11

All we can say is that reality shows concept just roll around from one show to others. This is what has happened here also.

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