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We never grow walking on easy paths, challenges facilitate learning”- Kanikka Kapur

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During the shoot, Kanikka Kapur shot for a sequence where she had to crawl between lines of fire. When she came to know about the sequence, she was quite afraid but when the production offered her body-doubles she refused and wanted to face her fear. Hard work and practice always help you to succeed and Kanikka too relied on the same. She rehearsed the army crawl for an hour before actually trying it between fire lines. She again rehearsed it thrice between the fire before giving the actual perfect shot.

Speaking about this sequence, Kanikka said, “This fire-crawl sequence was to be a part of the promos of the show and was my first action sequence. Though, the team offered me a body double, I wanted to shoot it myself. I was highly nervous for it but at the same time did not want to miss the chance of doing it. So, I decided to rehearse for the army crawl first which is quite difficult in itself. Later, when I could do it convincingly, I tried it between the fire lines.”

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