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Today’s Episode Dedicated To Arti Singh

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Arti Singh

Bigg Boss 13 has been the talk of the town since the start. Some contestants went sooner or later as there would be only one winner. After this, all we can see is Arti growing as a strong personality in the house and today also you will see people cheering for her and also how was her journey in Bigg boss 13 and as audience cheers for her Arti gets emotional.

After this, there is one more thing that Arti would be doing today and it has happened in the past also. So, instead of Shehnaaz she will be seen talking to the crow and telling the crow that, “Shehnaaz nahi hain yaha pe uska Sid ke saath patchup ho gaya hai. Tum chaho to mujhse baat kar sakte ho”. This season have made people mad as Salman Khan says “Sab sathiya gaye hain ghar mein”.

Today’s episode is turning more interesting because someone’s evicted today. According to sources and the buzz around it’s Mahira Sharma who will be evicted today.  

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