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Mujhse Shaadi Karoge To Witness New Drama

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mujhse shaadi karogi

Mujhse Shaadi Karogi is now in the talks as the contestants are fighting with each other and a lot more. In today’s episode, there is a lot to happen like a fight between Jasleen and Balraj, Jasleen and Sanjana and a lot more.

To start with Gautam Gulati will be seen as the host for this show. He even slams Shehnaaz Gill for not behaving well with the contestants in the house. In one of the statements, Shehnaaz says,“ Ye Mera Show Hain”. There and then Gautam replies, “ Ye baaki sab ka bhi show hai”. By looking at Shehnaaz face we can say that this was not something that Shehnaaz was expecting from Gautam Gulati.

Moving on to other fights Jasleen and Sanjana fight because Sanjana claims that Jasleen has feelings for Mayur instead of Paras. Now there will be another big fight between Balraj and Jasleen because Balraj teases Jasleen with the name of Mayur.

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