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“You Need To Be Your Own Fate”- Digangna Suryavanshi

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Digangna Suryavanshi is known for portrayal of Veera in Veer Ki Ardas- Veera. She was even the participant in Bigg Boss 9. Later she started her film career. Recently Telly Chaska got in touch with her to know about how she is utilizing this time and what special message she wants to give to her fans. So, here it is what and how she is spending this time.

How are you spending this quarantine?

I am doing everything that I have been not able to do. I am keeping myself busy with home workout, arranging things, I made a Radha krishna painting, write a little bit, playing football, anything that’s indoor.

What hobby have you discovered or tried after years?

I hadn’t painted in years, last time when I did was in school. I am not been trained or anything. So i have skechted a Radha Krishna picture. Also playing piano and stuff.

When you got to know about being locked down in the house what was your reaction?

Initially, I think none of us understood the gravity of corona. I remember when I heard about it we were still shooting, close to Mumbai. We were like maybe it will be fine and stuff but eventually when we heard Italy and China have taken it for granted and then it’s out here which is very sad. Next thing which I heard was we are not shooting anymore. That was the first where we all felt intermediated with the fact that a virus has affected in such an intense way. Then I read about a lot more. There isn’t any vaccine or medicine to it, so the best way is to be away from it. The symptoms are basic. Even before the announcement was made I made it very clear that I am not going out unnecessary. Second Day was the lock down. Then my reaction started little before the whole thing came out in public like lockdown etc, etc…. I think we did understood the gravity.

Further continuing….. You know infact I had to go to hyderabad. The moment we heard we are not shooting in mumbai, we scheduled hyderabad flight tickets. We had 7:40 flight but got delayed to 8:30 9’O clock flight. Then we were just sitting and chilling. Then I thought nobody is working and why is the shoot, maybe it’s not too much in hyderabad. I got a call from production ma’am we can’t shoot. It’s a complete lockdown here in hyderabad also. So, it’s not happening. Then the best thing is to be at home.

Are you missing something?

Not really missing anything, because the right know the situation is a lot worse outside. I mean really we need to team up. What happens is when you know you are going to be home for another 10 days, I don’t want myself to fight with negativity. You know I would like to suggest people that do not think about how alone or lonely you are. Let’s be productive about it. I mean I am spending so much time with family. I have understood we have to deal with it so rather deal with it positively.

Due to lockdown the production house might get affected?

See I was shooting for a film, so film don’t have a telecast issue. But we do suffer from it in terms of scheduling, budgeting. But all the haywire that is there for sure, I wouldn’t deny on that. But as far as daily soaps are concerned there my friends and there are many people doing it. The moment you hear there are another two days for shoot, you want to cover as much as you can. As I have done television so I know it is very neck to neck. So we shoot yesterday, either it would be today’s telecast or tomorrow’s telecast. Situation would have worked really really hard around the clock.

One decision that have changed your life.

I think to decide that to do films after bigg boss that has. I still get too many television offers and I have tremendous respect for television. I have always been biased because I have started off with television. I have immense amount of fraternity towards it. But i always had desire to explore films and wanted to see how it works for me. After bigg boss it was best to see how it goes and I think I have been able to create my space now and then you eventually grow with time and exposure and experience right. But I think I wouldn’t able to make to films If I would have not made this decision. Sometimes your decision starts breaking breaking because you denied some projects and they were the really good ones and are good ones. To make film decision you need to be your own fate.

A question that strikes in the minds of fans is that will Digangna be back on television?

See if I get to do something that meets my commitment. I could do something finite because see finite is also not something finite, it’s a six months commitment which means letting go stuff films and others which I am probably working on and right know I want to explore web and films a more. But if i get to do something interesting that permits my time and commitment I will do it.

One thing that you have learnt so far in this industry?

You have to be very hard-working. We cannot control the other things. You cannot read or know what this time has. There are so many things we cannot see. It’s all about how much you put in and that’s the output you gonna get.

A message to your fans or people who follow you.

My fans have grown with me, they travel my journey with me. There are so many people people on my Social Id is that I know them, I know this ID. People who have joined ut through bigg boss or films their support does count and whatever I am doing it is to entertain them. I hope they support me throughout the journey and manage to entertain them.

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