Money Hiest Part Four Review

3 min read

Money Hiest the superb series isn’t it? But the fourth season was much of thrill, murders and emotions. There are some instincts that you will find it from the previous three seasons.

To start with the fourth season there is much of drama as people get emotional with each other. Then there is also one more scene where Palemaro is tied up just like berlin in the previous seasons Tokyo and other team members takes the incharge.

At some space you will see the story goes slow and that might get you loose your interest in the heist. The thing that goes superfast is they go to Algeria get the helicopter and come back soon and what is the reason if we write it would be a spoiler. One person that’s irritating in this whole series is Arturo if you remember from the previous hiest. So where the 4th part might disappoint you.

Things to look out in this series is surely the twist and trun in the series. There are some more new characters so even that part is exciting to watch. That might excite you to see, okay what’s happening next.

The climax is just to get people intrigiushing for the 5th season of Money Hiest.

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