Music video’s levels are going down day by day – Dildaari Review

2 min read

Dildari a new music video of Arishfa and Lucky Dancer is out. Well by looking at the song you can say that there is no sync in the steps going on and lyrics in the video. This might also lead into the failure of the song.

Other than this the problem in the song is Lucky Dancer in the end takes a blade and attempts to suicide. This seems quite disturbing. Also, many people who follow these influencers they also get influenced by it. Mostly, people who follow them are kid under 15. Secondly, the censor should take pay attention to such songs which are provocative in some or the other way. Arishfa and Lucky dancer are still under age to do such acts in the song.

There are millions of people who follow them so these small things must be taken care of.

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