Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

Monalisa Was Afraid Of Doing Stunts!

2 min read

Monalisa recently had an live interaction with the fans on Telly Chaska where she revealed about doing stunts in the Nazar how easy or hard it is.

Mohana With Piya (Nazar)

She shared, ” I was always fond of doing such things. Initially when I started, I was a bit afraid but the director sir pushed me saying that you can do it. Then when i used to look on the screen after editing happened I felt proud of myself. It is always fun to do such things and entertain you guys for that matter”

Mohana with Palak (Nazar 2)

Further when asked about which cast to choose nazar 1 or 2. She said it’s nazar and cannot choose anyone because with everyone the bond is different.

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