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Aalisha Panwar’s new lockdown activity

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Not just India, but the whole world is suffering and most parts are in lockdown to curb the spread of covid19. With the shoots, events, and everything cancelled, all celebrities have come up with those new hobbies and activities to spend time in this quarantine.

TV actress Aalisha Panwar also has come up with a new activity to not just spend time in this lockdown but to spend little time with her fans. Aalisha reveals, “All of us know that it’s a serious situation and lockdown is the only situation. I want people to stop cribbing and make the most of this time. My family stays in Shimla and I am here alone in Mumbai, so I thought of why not connect with my Fan Family once a week, since I have some time in hand. I have commenced a new activity #fridayfanlove and I am acknowledging and posting the beautiful messages that the fans have written for me. I of course can’t reach to all but if this little effort form my end makes them happy then why not. These fans love us dearly so why not make them smile in such testing times. So every Friday would be my time to spend with my Fan Family, and hopefully I can continue this after lockdown too.”

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