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Rashami Desai becomes first Indian Television actress to collaborate for cameos on Google

2 min read

Rashami Desai has yet added another feather to her cap as she is the first Indian telivision actress to collaborate with Google for the feature of cameos.

Most of us haven’t heard of this feature before but surely is the one to get familiar with. Time to time celebrities have upgraded themselves to different platforms and techniques to be connect with their fans in a much better way and cameo does beat them all.

Cameos on Google let celebrities be the authority on them. Celebrities record video answers to the most asked questions on Google and then post them right to Google. Now, when people search for celebrities, they’ll get answers directly from them.

With Rashami Desai creating buzz in the television industry every now and then this was bound to happen. This gives us utmost joy as who better to give answers to our queries about Rashami than Rashami herself. This is not only a proud moment for Rashami but also Indian television industry which she represents.

Congratulations on this success Rashami, you’ve never missed the opportunity to amaze us. We all are set to know you better.

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