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“Tiktok Is Flop”- Naina Singh

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Recently, Kumkum Bhagya fame Naina Singh was live exclusive on telly chaska and she felt sorry for Carry‘s video been taken down. Not only that but she has something more to about the ongoing controversy on Tiktok v/s Youtube.

When she was asked about to give opinion on this ongoing fight she said, ” Youtubers are with us since very long time and they are original. They do not mimic anybody, they are not spreading worst things on the internet. I think there is no fight between youtube and tiktok. I don’t consider tiktok as a platfrom where you show talent. Its not talent first of all. I think tiktok has a lot of options…aap ye kar sakte ho….aap flip kar sakte ho…it is just that people should know how nice to do it. They are using people’s voice for making tiktok. There is nothing great. They don’t know how to act, they are just using people’s voice. On the other hand Youtubers are not copying anybody they are just raw talent. I mean the talent which is very rare. It is so hard to be in front of the camera and deliver dialogue, think about the content and think about things. So youtuber hats off. They have amazing talent whereas tiktok is jut timepass. It’s a thing if people are at home just make a tiktok. It’s not a platform where you can tell yourself you areba celebrity or you are something big…Noo! Fool are those people jo in logon ko sar pe chadha rakhe hai…. because they have no raw talent I am so sorry to say…..tiktok is flop.”

Now moving on one more thing we got to know in this live chat is that Naina Singh is no more part of Kumkum Bhagya. She has many upcoming projects. Stay tuned for what are her upcoming projects.

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