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I Am Done With Mtv- Mukkta

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Telly Chaska had chit chat with rapper, model, artist and the contestant of Mtv Love School 4 Mukkta. She recently posted defaming how reality shows are scripted and what she had been through in the show.

When we asked her about the stories she posted on instagram she said, ” Basically, I have not posted about all the reality shows being faked. I have posted about my personal experience like jo maine love school mein experience kiya hai… ki they just wanted to hype their TRP… har video dairy ka mujhe script milta tha….aur the team used to tell me that Mukkta tumko yahi karna padega….yahi bolna padega….It is a pressure, that you call it a reality show but you want everything to be done in your way”.

When we questioned her about being bullied in the show she escorts, ” I was bullied a lot in the show. Because basically they are looking for contestants and these contestants ye log jo aate hain, they are normal people they are not celebrities. Where else I had a good stand when I entered the show. Like I already had good following, had verified youtube channel… toh for me to adjust in that thing was very difficult. Jaise I am a rapper toh.. I have certain things that I do… Jo mera swag hai like I wear blings all the time, I have to wear the boots to match my outfit. These things were stopped in every single episode.

Moving on to the controversy of Tiktok and Youtube she says, ” I was working with like app and tiktok. With like my contract was over and tiktok I deleted the account. It’s not like tiktok is bad platform or something but 60% content is not nice and it is the truth. On that platform there is a lot of cringe content and then suddenly you see someone growing. You can’t say exactly he is a good artist because he made some cringe content and people are just watching it. Whether it is to make fun out of it or entertainment. But somebody that becomes a star even if the person is not deserving, that’s not fair.”

When we told her that it means people who make original content are not famous and others who make on that sound are more famous, sharing her opinion, “Exactly, that is also true. People are making good vocal patches and someone who created that person is not even getting the recognition. Plus somebody who is doing stupid things is certainly getting a lot of like in numbers.

She was even offered Mtv hustle but here is the reason why she didn’t do it. ” As I have told about love school they have used my verses and they were pressuring me to give them the rights. They were already on youtube and some were about to come. All the expenses were done by me. Asking for the rights that you have not paid for I felt it was wrong. I have not given them the rights and they even tried to pressure me a lot. They even told me that they will not call on any of the shows or concerts of mtv but still i was on my decision because my song is ultimately my song. Then too without permission they have used the verses in the show. It is still available on voot till know. So, the reason was same for hustle. As it was a rap show so I can’t say that i will not rap. Also, the phootage they use, all the rights will be preserved for them. I didn’t want that the rights of my song going going to them. Also, the judges they selected and when the show came, the followers of judges were even less then mine. I didn’t felt right because those people cannot judge me.

Well talking about plans to do other reality show she says, “Actually I am in board to a couple of reality shows. This year also they are talks going on about doing 2/3 reality show. Due to lockdown the things couldn’t be in right place for now. So, whether it is digital shows or any other channels reality show. I will make sure they don’t defame me for their own TRP. I will only do reality show on certain terms and condition. There are many artist whom they defame like this happened with Baseer in ace of space. They way he was projected he is not that way and it is just done for the TRP. I will do it on conditions that they are not using or moulding things just for their own convenience. Definitely not with mtv, I am done with mtv”.

Further talking about upcoming projects, ” Abhi to mera SUEP hai uske 2 gaane aa chuke hai… Recently, I tried new song breakup sex. There are 3 more songs on the line. Remaining will get over in 3 months. Other than that I have couple of shows and some digital shows. I can’t really talk about it. Songs will be coming as there is a lot of line up for that”.

We have asked her about her opinion on judges favouring their opinion to which she concludes, ” This I can’t say because Karan and Anusha were into favouring me also. So, I don’t know. Also the reason was whatever work I had I would finish ut perfectly and I was always ready on time, I was the first one to be on set. Maybe you know I was very organized and disciplined. I don’t think and Mtv love school kein aisa nahi hua…. Director used to tell them what to do and what not to do. This thing about this show is not true”.

Concluding this interview Mukkta escorts, ” People should stay home, follow the rules. I think it is the best time to spend with yourself. Try something new. I would suggest be home and eat good food and be happy”.

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