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Sonu Sood Is Doing Incredible Job – Deepak Thakur

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Currently, Bigg Boss 12 finalist Deepak Thakur released a song Jai Ho Sonu Sood for the work he is doing. To prepare the song for him, it just took 15 to 20 minutes.

Further talking about the work Sonu Sood is doing he says, ” Sonu Sood is doing very virtues job which we are not able to do and for that i would like to say thanks from the core of my heart. If all the celebrities from the industry could join hands then there would not ne so much difficulties. He is a real life hero. In a movie any one could be a hero but to be one in real life it takes a lot of courage. So, whatever I say from my side would seem less.”

When asked about his personal donations he says, ” I have done a lot of things from my side in bihar where I stay. I have donated masks, clothes and even donated money as well including the PM fund. Whatever I could be able to do from my side I have done that. I am not on that level to do big things. There was a fire outbreak near my house so even there I distributed clothes, food and money to help them. Whatever Sonu Sood is doing to send migrants back that’s incredible.

Talking about hard time he escorts, ” It’s hard time, god is taking exam of humans like how strong 1lwe are to get through this. It will be better soon and we should follow the guidelines provided by the goverment. We should wear mask, follow social distancing and all that. Recently, the incident that happened with the elephant was wrong. It feels like the emotions, the feelings from humans are getting destroyed. And also it feels like we have forgotten our moral values. Now, only god will show. Nature has it’s own way of telling. Now a days we face earthquake, there is cyclone. We all should understand every living thing including nature had it’s own way of telling. It’s like what it is the way what we do to nature and ut responds in the same manner. We should be humane and understand what is right or wrong It’s a hard time and it will end soon. I just would like to say help each other in hard time”.

Here is the song sung by Deepak Thakur dedicated to Sonu Sood.

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