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Shagun Panedy To Do Bigg Boss 14?

2 min read

Splitsvilla contestant Shagun Pandey who was seen as Atharva in Tujhse Hai Rabta has quit the show due to Bigg Boss 14. It is the rule from previous seasons to send in some contestants from splitsvilla or roadies and these time it might be Shagun Pandey .

Talking about the preparations to a leading news portal he says, ” I am mentally preparing myself and doing my homework. I have just understood what are the key features for survival in the house. How you need to function and sustain in the house and win the show eventually. I don’t want to go there, stay for sometime, gain popularity and come back. I want to go there and do something nice. I am watching the previous seasons and discuss it with Prince (Narula) at times. Prince is like my brother.”

So seems like he is doing a hardwork to get in the show and win the bitle pf bigg boss 14 as well.

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