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Vikas Gupta open up about Industry Mafia

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Bollywood is the Industry full of glamour, it’s the dream City of millions struggling Actors, It is said this Entertainment industry is based on pure talent and hard workers. But as it is said every industry has its dark secret and this Entertainment industry does have.

Time to time we have heard about Nepotism, Bollywood Mafia Gang who only support Bollywood star kids and all, but now after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, it’s seems like Anti-Mafia Movement has started, lots of Actors are upcoming up with their stories about how this mafia gang has also affected their lives.

Recently Vikas Gupta also opens up about not only Bollywood but television Mafia also exists, Vikas who is well known for his controversy with Shilpa Sinde on the set of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai, and for being a Biggboss contestant after the death Sushant Singh Rajput opens up about how Shilpa Sinde, Priyank Sharma, and Parth Samthaan used to toucher him.

Vikas Gupta Said As he is Bisexual they used to blackmail him, but now Vikas choose to fight against it, and while making a video and And also while tweeting Vikas Accepted in public that he is a Bisexual, he wrote “Hi Just wanted to let you know a tiny detail about me. I fall in love with the human regardless of their gender. There r more like me. With #Pride, I am Bisexual #VikasGupta PS No more being blackmailed or bullied #priyanksharma #ParthSamthaan ThankU for forcing me to come out Smiling face with smiling eyes”.

Well, we should just appreciate Vikas Gupta, and we should stand with him.

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