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Rajeev Sen Denies The Rumour Of Bigg Boss 14

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Recently, Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa were the talk of the town. As these two were stated to be divorced but then sharing the screenshot while having video call it was clear that these two are together. Other than Rajeev sen name was coming to be seen in bigg boss 14 but now he denied.

Recently, Rajeev Sen shared an insta story in which he wrote, ” Not in bigg boss 14. Loud and Clear.. Shukriya”. So now it is confirmed that Rajeev Sen will not be seen in Bigg Boss 14. As he himself have given the statement on his insta story.

Rajeev Sen Bigg Boss 14

Also, this buzz was due to the statements he and Charu gave about their relationship. This was a controversial topic but now the chapter about fight between their marriage and Rajeev Sen entering bigg boss 14 have been cleared.

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