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Eisha Singh Back On The Sets Of Ishq Subhan Allah

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Eisha Singh left the show Ishq Shubhan Allah and now there is confirmation that she is back on the sets. It is a good news and even her co-star Adnan Khan is happy to see her back.

Saying about being on the sets Adnan to the leading news portal said,  “When I got to know that Eisha is coming back, the first thing I felt was I will get to do good work again. This doesn’t mean it wasn’t good working with Tunisha. But, Eisha and I started this journey together and had reached a point where without talking or discussing, we knew each other and understood the scene. And, we used to enjoy every scene. I was the happiest to hear the news of her comeback.”

So this reaction from Adnan proves it all about how much he was missing Eisha Singh as her co-star.

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