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Aashika Bhatia’s Mom Clarifies On Being Alleged By Online Shop

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Recently, popular actor and influencer Aashika Bhatia was alleged by one of the online shop for not paying the dues for the products they have sent but now we got in touch with her mom and here is the full truth.

When we tasked Aashika‘s mom about this she shared, “All this happened one and a half year ago when Aashika used to promote the online pages for free and this was one of them. It was not like she didn’t promoted that page she did but they were spamming her messages and inbox to do more promotion for free and she got irritated and blocked her. Some products were such that they never reached till her. So then she started to mention her and troll her through stories. That’s why she cleared all her payments.”

This has happened with many artists but speaking about it and making people aware about what happened inspires a lot of people.

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