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Aditi Pohankar: I Am Not Gonna Stop Here

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Aditi Pohankar is a well known personality who rose with the Marathi Film Lay Bhaari. After that she recently did the Netflix Series she and now her next series came with Bobby Deol Aashram.

Aditi had exclusive interview sharing her experience and what she have learnt from the movie. Here it is what she have to say about it.

How different was the experience while shooting for She and Aashram?

In she the character is related to the women who is related to the society and what are the circumstances she have to face. Now talking about Pummy it is the character of college going girl so it does brind the difference between both the characters.

What have you learnt from Bobby as it was your first experience to work with him?

It was a good learning experience working with him because see there are very few celebrities that velong to bollywood and share their experience so that you can learn from them and I am glad that bobby sahred his stories and I could learn from him.

When was this series shot, before or after the lockdown?

This series was shot after the lockdown and I got to know about it when it got back to Mumbai on 9th february. After that the scriptting and everything was done and then I got to know this the story and then the shoot began.

What was the process and how did you got the character?

It was not as tough as it seems to be because I have worked in the industry. The most challenging part for the role of pummy was to loose weight and I did it. I lost 9kgs weight for the role.

How much did you had you had to work hard for the accent?

Well it takes time to adopt any language but thankfully we had translator on the set so he used to yeach us. Again it is all upon us how fast we learn and how we adopt so it was quite good learning experience.

As an actor you learn from every character so what have you learnt from this character?

Yes it’s true every character has something to take from it. So if you are playing the character you just don’t need to act but you need to live the character. Being an actor you need to have control in yourself and to focus on the character that you are doing because you are living it. So this character has taught me that life is short you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. So focus on today and live in today that’s it.

Whats your take on T.V. v/s Web series?

I think audience likes to watch what is real. Even now everyone just wants to see good content. So I think that wen series is coming up with such new content. That’s the reason I feel that people are shifting to web series rather than t.v.

Which that one character that you wish to play?

I am big fan of romantic movies and characters. If I get the chance then I would like to work woth Imtiaz ali in some romantic movie.

What would you like to say to your fans?

I would just like to say that there is a lot to come up know. This is just the beginning and support me as you have till know. I am not gonna stop here and surely i would like tp entertain you guys with different projects.

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