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Hina Khan Dheeraj Dhooper New Music Video Will Be Radiant Love Story

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Hina Khan’s new song ‘Humko Tum Mil Gaye Ho’ will be out soon with Dheeraj Dhooper. Hina shares the excitment and experience of shooting this new music video.

Hina Khan shares, ” I love stories which give out meaningful messages, and fortunately Humko Tum Mil Gaye is one of those beautiful songs which is going to give out a beautiful message. While it does showcase true love between the couple, the theme also emphasizes on trust, confidence, motivation and mainly having faith in yourself to do the best in life that you can. I honestly feel that such lovely content to watch in times like these is a major positive boost, and I sure that Humko Tum Mil Gaye is going to radiate lots and lots of good and feelings to everybody out there.”

This new single of Hina Khan and Dheeraj Dhooper will be a happy good and positive song bringing out some good feelings as well.

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