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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Shweta Tiwari On Niya Breaking Stereotypes

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan has the unique concept with Daughter trying to get his father the perfect partner. Now after this Shweta Tiwari came into the picture and thats how the story was growing further.

Talking about the Niya’s character and bond with her father she shares, “Niya is setting an excellent example for the youth and breaking the stereotypes by being supportive of her father’s love life and getting a Dulhan for him. She is stepping forward despite all odds for her father’s happiness as she feels that everyone needs a partner in life and wants to see him happy and settled in his life.”

Quoting about how good she is as daughter on screen she says, “I feel that Niya is television favourite daughter as her character is very understanding and caring towards her dad. Also, she is giving out a strong message to everyone watching the show that, no matter how old you are you can always find your ideal companion just like her dad. True love knows no age barriers.”

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