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Nishant Singh Malkani Shares His Thought On Hindi Diwas

3 min read

Guddan Tumse Ha Ho Payega Fame Nishant Singh Malkani shared his thought and views on Hindi Diwas. He even shared sone instincts of this day as well.

He said, “I think I am very close to the language Hindi. Even on sets, I ask for scripts in Hindi, because English doesn’t have the same feel that you get when you read it in Hindi. I feel that actors should be really comfortable in Hindi, it should be spoken with such ease and comfort that it seems like your first language.”

Nishant also spoke about his love for Hindi literature and said, “Though these days mostly novels are available in English, but there are so many gems in Hindi too. Sadly, they are not publicized or promoted like English, but the ones who love to read, they enjoy reading Hindi novels the most because it has a different feel to it altogether. I feel our culture and heritage is more beautifully expressed in Hindi. The stories of our country, it is better conveyed in it than in any other language. Also, all our vedas and religious books are in Hindi, so it shouldn’t be like you can’t read them after a couple of lines, one should be comfortable in reading it the same way they read an English novel.”

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