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Indiawali Maa Kaku Unconditional Love For Rohan

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In the upcoming episode of Indiawali Maa you will see Suchita Trivedi aka Kaku was seen racing in as his son was facing the financial issues. And this shows that a mother’s love is unconditional.

After this Kaku shared the experience shooting for the same, she says, “Indiawali Maa is not just the show I am associated with, it is a part of me now and I give my 100% to every scene I perform. Even I agreed quickly for the running sequence without letting anyone know about my knee problem. I really want nothing to affect my work.”

Talking more about this incident she shares, ” When everyone got to know about my knee problem, they even told me that they can do body dubbing or change it if I am unable to perform it, but I refused to it as I wanted to do it on my own.”

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