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Rashami Desai Latest Tweet Raises Leads To The Confusion

2 min read

Rashami Desai is been one of the most profound and strong lady. This sight we have seen in the Bigg boss 13 as well and also she took stand for Sushant Singh as well.

Now Rashami has something to comment on the media people in a tweet she writes, “It’s disheartening to see that certain section of media are cutting all the limits to showcase fake news. As I personally experience I can totally empathize to all those who have fallen pray to it. Invasion of my privacy in the name of news isn’t cool. stay real but first stay kind.”

Well in the reply she is been asked only one question that what were the issues that she have faced till now and whats the matter. Now the answer is waited till Rashami’s next comment on it.

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