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Aparna Dixit: There Should Be Balance Of Life

3 min read

Aparna Dixit recently shared the post saying that she is on the Insta break. After which Telly Chaska got in touch with her to know that why she is taking Insta Break.

Talking about the same Aparna shared, ” actually I came home after a really long period of time and checking the Instagram is now routine. We have that curiosity to know about what’s happening in other’s life. I think we have this habit of opening this Instagram every time. I am with family and I want to spend proper time with them. In the lockdown I have learnt many things like cooking and all. Even that should not be the feeling that you are addicted to something and someone. Not for too long but for some 10 days or 1 week is hould take the break. We have involved social media a lot in our life so I feel it is important to take a break so I am taking the break.”

Talking more aboht insta break she shares, ” we should consider it as normal break. It’s Just like we are taking break from our work or from our daily routine. So, there should be balance of everything in the life. Before there used to be people around and we would watch the beauty so that has an some other impact in our lives.”

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