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Indiawali Maa Suchita Trivedi Gets Surprise On Set

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Suchita Trivedi had the working birthday on set with the cast and crew of Indiawali Maa. She was having the hectic schedule so she was not able to celebrate with her family and then the surprise came as overwhelming for her.

Being surprise on set Indiawali Maa says, ” Along with tight deadlines and shooting sequence, I had a unique moment on sets and that made my working birthday worth it. I am very touched by the gesture of my co-stars and it is something that I was not expecting at all. I was a bit disappointed with the working birthday concept. Usually, people come to work and go, but my co-stars planned, arranged, and celebrated my birthday and gave me such a wonderful gift, which is Happy Birthday Humari Indiawali Maa and this makes me feel very special. I am overwhelmed by this surprise.”

The co-stars and crew members on set made her birthday very special and that’s how she felt happy for her working birthday celebration on set.

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