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Tina Dutta Smashes All Rumours Of Bigg Boss 14

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The name of Tina Datta was confirmed as she might enter the bigg boss 14 house. But she has something to share on this note. She took yto her Instagram and wrote an letter to Bigg Boss which shows that she will not enter the bigg boss house.

In the letter Tina writes, ” Did you know how much you are loved? Let me tell you, I never did. My Gosh! Ever since rumours of my ‘Imaginary’ relationship started, my phone has been buzzing nonstop! I feel like the girl who has just gotten engaged…. my phone is off the hook! Sponsorships for my wardrobe, calls from the media, headlines about the two of us, and so much curiosity. I am thinking Yeh Khichdi pack raise hai? My Darling, this match is not made in heaven, not on earth and nor on Indian television so remen=ber I still love you but as an audience member and not as a contestant!”

So this is how Tina Dutta denies the rumours of her entry in the bigg boss 14.

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