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Kavya And Vanraj To Be Exposed

2 min read
Vanraj and Kavya

After Anupamaa faints and she gets the panic attack after which Vanraj apologies to her and says that this time on 25th anniversary he wants to marry again.

Kavya sees this and she is not all happy with this behaviour of her. After this she demands one thing from Vanraj that’s marriage because she is not all happy to be the other woman of Vanraj‘s life. After that she says that on this 25th anniversary of Vanraj and Anupamaa she wants to marry him. To which Vanraj replies yes and they will get married in the temple.

After which the receipt with the name of Kavya and Vanraj with the purpose of Marriage is seen by Nandini. After this she questions Kavya and Kavya lies to Nandini. This time Nadini will not support Kavya and disclose everything to the shah family. Now how will Anupamaa read t to it. This would be an interesting watch.

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