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Sara Gurpal hits the trending list of twitter with #SaraGurpal on No.9

2 min read

Bigg Boss contestant Sara Gurpal has overloaded the house with her cuteness. We saw the punjabi pataka enjoying everything to the fullest in the reality show, and the audience enjoyed it even more!

Sara’s magic has not only worked inside the house but outside also and we are sure that fans have been loving her presence in BB 14 as #SaraGurpal trends on twitter at No.8. From captivating us all with her soulful voice on the very first day, to jelling up with everyone in the house, adorably dancing to the morning songs, or savagely performing the task of chopping her hair, given by seniors, Sara made us fall in love with her even more.

One thing we have learned about Sara these days that she is way positive, strong, and with this much support from the audience she is going to be a tough competition for everyone. Sara’s sena has turned twitter scarlet by expressing their endless love for her. With her name all over the social media, we can say that now she is not just Punjab’s favorite but India’s favorite Bigg Boss contestant.

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