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Anupamaa: Kavya Will Destroy Anupamaa’s Mehendi

2 min read

The celebrations are on in Anupamaa as Vanraj and Anupamaa will be getting married again and now there will be clash between Anupamaa and Kavya in this Mehendi Rasam.

Basically Anupamaa and Kavya both get the name of Vanraj written in their palm. Suddenly Rakhi notices it all and Anupamaa gets a bad setback regarding this . Then Anupamaa comes in and cleans the name of Vanraj written on Kavya‘s palm.

After this Kavya feels insulted and takes revenge from Anupamaa ruining her mehendi. In this she says, “Because her mehendi was destroyed, she will spoil her mehendi too”. Now how will Anupamaa react to it and what will family members tell to Kavya will be an interesting watch.

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