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T.V. Celebs Share Their Instincts On Mental Health Day

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Today on the mental health day T.V. celebs have something to share to about how the mind and body is connected together.

On this Vijayendra Kumeria quotes, ” Taking care of your mental health is very important and people are getting aware on this topic. It depends on a person to person, how they deal with stress or their inner thoughts… some meditate, some workout, some talk to people while some just keep things to themselves and that’s very dangerous. Apart from taking care of our own mental health and peace, I feel we also have an added responsibility to keep a check on our near and dear ones mental health and help them deal with stress issues if any. I am a very positive person and I don’t get stressed out easily… I meditate every day. I keep myself busy with creative activities like reading, writing and conceptualising new projects. I spend a good time with my family and share my thoughts and hear theirs too. I think these are some things that keep me far from mental stress.”

Vijayendra Kumeria

On this Shristhi Jain shares, “There’s a lot of stigma around mental health, which I feel needs to be broken. It is just like any other illness and should be normalised. Taking care of ourselves mentally is equally important and I think we tend to take our mental health for granted a lot of times. I personally have dealt with my share of anxiety and depression, and my family and friends were very supportive and I even got the help I needed. By god’s grace, I’ve been in a much better place and I could heal. On my low days, I like being with my family. My parents can lift up my mood and make me feel safe and supported. Spending time with my family and friends meditating really helps make me feel better.”

Shristhi Jain

Shamin Manan who is now seen in Ram Pyare Sirf Humare says, “Mental health is very important and thankfully people have started talking about it but do they really care about their own mental health or they take care of the people around them is a big question. Talking about it is a good start but now it has become necessary to take care of themselves and their near and dear ones. Most of the time they don’t share anything and keep it inside themselves, it piles on and as a result one day the person might get a nervous break down which is not good. I feel that we do not give that importance to mental health if compared with physical issue. Like we go to a doctor once in a year for body checkup, same way we should go to a counsellor once in two months. There is no harm in going to a counsellor, they think people will judge them and will call them mentally weak or mad, that’s another big taboo and we have to fight for it. There have been times I have gone through anxiety, excessive stress and I have been to a counsellor and have shared my problem. When I have to perk up my mood I eat something good, I do yoga sometimes. When you don’t feel like working out that’s ok, you can take a day off, you can be in a corner of your room, in your comfort zone there is nothing bad in it, but then you have to also acknowledge the phase you are going through. I have been practicing yoga since the last three years and now even if I am not willing to do it, I pull myself up do yoga after that my mood lights up instantly.”

Shamin Manan
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