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Shweta Tiwari Is Excited For Marriage In Mere Dad Ki Dulhan

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Shweta Tiwari

We have seen that in this serial Guneet wasn’t marries to someone and then Amber came into her life and after a lot of things happening around finally Amber and Guneet are getting married.

Talking about the same Shweta Tiwari shares, “Amneet’s wedding will involve fewer people given the times we are in. Still, there will be different functions such as Bachelorette party for the ladies, Sangeet and Mehendi ceremony, and then the much-awaited wedding. You can have just as much fun with limited number of people and still do all the activities that are planned as part of the ceremonies. The idea is to be surrounded by people who care for you and who you truly love. It’s about celebrating with your family and close friends and that’s what Amber and Guneet are upto. They will enjoy all the celebrations with the people who truly matter to them. So, intimate wedding ceremonies are the in thing, gone are the days of the big-fat Indian weddings. Also, a lot of people today would prefer saving up some money for their future than spending frivolously on extravagant weddings. Intimate wedding ceremonies are a great idea, in fact the bride and groom get to enjoy all the rituals even more.”

So the upcoming sequence in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan will be an interesting watch. After all it’s the Morden day love story and marriage.

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