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Bigg Boss 14 Preview: Kavita Kaushik Gets Super Powers

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Bigg Boss has been always of surprises eveytime. To talk about today’s episode there is a lot which is going to happen in the house. Firstly you will see the new captain emerging to maintain the discipline in the house.

Kavita is the new captain of the house she comments that we should be organised in the house. Then Bigg Boss announces that only 1 person is allowed in the smoking area. After which you will see that there will be a huge discussion between them which turns in to the ugly fight with Pavitra and Shardul.

Then as usual there will be nomination in the house. So Rahul comes up with the topic of Nepotism. He points out at Jaan and says that he is here because of nepotism on which Nishant and Rubina will be seen taking side of Jaan. After nominations they both even come face to face and have man to man fight. After all of this Kavita has the right to save someone from the nominated contestants.

Now its time for some love in the house. Shardul turns to be the cupid of the house. Firstly, he will go and flirt with Pavitra and then she also talks with him the same way. After this he will be seen bringing back Nikki into Jaan‘s life. Then he notices something from the side of Rahul for Naina and then he teases both of them in the house.

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