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Nishant Singh:- Eviction Was Unfair

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Nishant is out of the house but he is following Bigg Boss very ardently. He has something to comment on about whatever is going on in the bigg boss house.

Talking about his equation with Jaan he says, ” I considered Jaan as my younger brother, and always addressed him as ‘Bhai’. I felt a connection with him, but it was much later that I realised it was a one-sided friendship. I fought for him during the captaincy task, and little did I know that it will come back to bite me. When he took my name for the swap, I was really surprised, but the show taught me a good lesson that you shouldn’t trust anyone and everyone. I never felt sorry for myself, I felt pity for Jaan”.

Nishant also opened about his eviction saying, ” I feel it’s very unfair, it’s an audience show, and they have the right to decide who should stay and who shouldn’t. This gave the contestants a chance to take their grudge out on me, and they all ganged up against me”.

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