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Actors exist because of their fans

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Guddan – Tumse Na Ho Payega” actor Savi Thakur believes that the fans are the one who bring up and help an actor grow saying that, “We actors exist because of our fans, all we want is love from the people and that’s what we work for.”
“I think it’s our responsibility to entertain them in a better way to stay in their hearts forever and not to do something that hurts them,” he added.

He also said, “There are so many times where I got confused when some fans approached me. I get blank in such situations like what to say and what to do now. I won’t say I went overboard to please anyone, but there was a group that came to see our shoot when I was doing ‘Porus’ and they wanted to have some clicks with me, but they were too shy to ask, then I went to them and asked ‘Photo chahiye?’ They were like ‘yes’. It was a happy moment for me.”

But yes, he also revealed that he doesn’t have any issues clicking pictures with his fans.

“I am very comfortable with selfies or pics. All they want is just a picture with you, so I don’t think we should have a problem with that. They want it because they love you and that’s what we need,” Savi said.

He says that his fans ask him for his address as they are always eager to send him gifts-“There are many fans who message me on social media that they want to send some gifts, and ask for my address, but I never give them because I don’t want any gift from anyone. Their love is all that I need,” he said.

Savi didn’t like it when he got to know that fans ink their favourite celeb’s name on themselves, and said, “I think fans should not hurt themselves to prove their love for us. Like if someone will say that he or she is my fan, then I’ll believe it. I don’t need any proof for that, so guys please don’t hurt yourself for me. All my fans are equal for me, there is no number one or two or three.”

“I think we should not post or say something which hurts our fans or any individual, it’s our responsibility to love them like they love us and I love all my fans. I wish that you all stay safe and happy,” Savi signed off.

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