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Vanraj raises hand on Anupamaa, she warns him

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Anupamaa“- the most trending television show, has never failed to keep it’s audience hooked to it.

Vanraj Shah is a chauvinist who is never happy seeing his wife succeed or doing good for herself, even though he is at fault. According to Vanraj, a women’s place is only meant to be in the kitchen and in family relations (a mentality of Indians), and he doesn’t want her to do anything out of this four walls.

In the recent episode, as Vanraj reaches his home, he sees everyone celebrating Anupamaa‘s success as she gets her salary for the online dance classes. He couldn’t resist this and says that he will be praised more when his family hears about his bonus, which is cancelled as he couldn’t achieve his target.
He later also blames Kavya saying that everything is going wrong in his life because of her.

As he reaches home, he sees everyone has started the puja without him. As Anupamaa sees him come she says that she doesn’t want their family to suffer because of everything that is going on between them. He gets angry and raises his hand on her as he didn’t expect those words from her. She stops him from doing so and says that the old Anupamaa would also have reacted the same.

How will Vanraj react to this? What will be his next step seeing his wife growing in life? To know more watch the upcoming episode of Anupamaa.

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