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“Aly Goni has made the show interesting”- Karan Patel

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Karan Patel has been supporting Aly Goni from the very beginning of the show. He thinks Goni is a very strong contestant and as he has entered the house, the show has been lightened up and interesting.
In his recent instagram story, he talks about Aly Goni saying that he has changed the dynamics in the house and that the show is becoming interesting now. He says that till now, the housemates have been playing “Ghar ghar” but now as Aly has entered, the actual game has begun.
Karan Patel’s story says- “My Brother @alygoni’s entry has changed the dynamics in the #BiggBoss house.
Getting interesting now.
Abhi tak log ghar ghar khel rahe the..
Now game has begun.. BiggBoss14 mein mera favourite hai @alygoni.”

Karan is seen too interested in the show as Aly is in and is looking for some more entertainment henceforth.

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