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Nikki called as ‘Circus ka Joker’

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As always there is something new and entertaining to see in the Bigg Boss 14 house. The Contestants never leave their audience without keeping them excited to know what is going to happen next between them.

In today’s episode, we will get to see Eijaz Khan washing vessels even when it was’nt his task to do it. He says that Nikki is taking things for granted and is doing what she wants. He also says that they have to do her task where she is just not bothered and Abhinav replies saying that why should he do her task then. Eijaz continues saying that the vessels are stinking and that they also have to cook food in them. He adds saying that she should be punished by the housemates for this behavior.

Nikki gets irritated hearing all this and starts arguing with Eijaz where he is seen mimicking her. She says that his arrogant and rude behavior will work in his home and not in the Bigg Boss house and she continues saying, “Tumko jo ukhadna hai ukhad lo”. He talks to Rahul saying that till when should they tolerate this where Rahul is seen calming him. They both continue arguing where finally Eijaz gets out of control and calls Nikki “Circus ka Joker” while she thinks that she is a “Heroine”.

Later Eijaz includes Kavita in the fight saying that Jaan has already been Nikki’s “naukar” and that now Kavita has also become her “Cheli”.  As Kavita was sitting outside she angrily gets up and enters the house.

What is next to see ? What will be Kavita’s reaction to this arrogance? What will she have to say? We will get to know all this in the upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’.

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