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Bigg Boss housemates given another chance

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In the previous episode, none of the contestants in the Bigg Boss 14 house could be successful in the captaincy task, so today bigg boss will announce a new task, as there was’nt a conclusion for the captaincy.

In today’s episode we will get to see that Rahul will be told to surpervise the task. Today only four of the housemates who were the captains previously, will be given the opportunity to complete the same. Kavita, Eijaz , Aly and Jasmin will be the ones who will play the game. They will be seen sitting in boxes where the rest of the housemates have to torture them. As Eijaz has a broken hand, he will give Pavitra his place to complete the task. The housemates will be pouring different things on the ones sitting inside, to force them from getting out of the box. Aly will be seen leaving the game as he wants to save Jasmin who has always been very important to him and who is his dearest. Even when Rahul is only told to supervise, he tries to get into the game, which is against the game’s rule and Eijaz gets into a fight with him where he too looses the game.

As from the four contestants, two of them are already out of the game. The remaining two- Kavita and Jasmin will be seen fighting strongly for captaincy. It will be fun to see who will be patient enough to get the captaincy. To know what’s coming next, don’t miss to see today’s episode.

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