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Jaan feels heartbroken

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We have always seen the strong love of Jaan for Eijaz from the very beginning. The two have a very great relation as Jaan refers Eijaz- his elder brother. Jaan has always been there for Eijaz  and has always supported him whenever needed.

In today’s episode, Jaan will be seen sobbing bitterly. He is seen frustrated on Kavita saying that he doesn’t want her to be the captain and that he doesn’t care about anyone anymore.

He raises the main issue saying that even after always supporting Eijaz, Eijaz doesn’t support him and so he is seen in pain. Eijaz has been his first preference and he feels this is his biggest mistake where he gave Eijaz so much of importance and he isn’t in his support.  He says that he isn’t anyone’s priority and only he is the one who has always been there to support others. All others just pretend to be good and supportive and only do it for their own benefits. He says that only one person has supported him and its Aly. The one for whom he stood always i.e. Eijaz, showed him his back. Eijaz too gets angry and replies to his words saying that yes he was just pretending.

Is Jaan’s reaction to this situation just a misunderstanding? Will Eijaz clear his point?Will their relation worsen or will things get alright? To know about what happens in their relation, watch the upcoming episode.

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