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“Aly is short tempered and Jasmin is very calm” says sister Ilham Goni

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Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin have been best of friends since they met in the stunt reality show-“Khatron Ke Khiladi“. They are now participating in the popular show “Bigg Boss“. Jasmin has been in the show since the first day while Aly entered the house as a wild card entry in the fourth week of the show. Aly has been very clear that he wants his BFF to win the show, and even his sister, Ilham Goni, said that whoever of the two win, she will be very happy. Her love for Jasmin shows that she has never given her less important than her brother and she has always treated Jasmin as her sister.

She also said that both of them are equal for her and that she wants Jasmin to take the trophy home. “When Aly was going inside the house, he told me, ‘Ilham I am not going to win the show, that’s not my priority. I am going so that I can be my real self and I can guide her also in the right way, but when it comes to winning, I would always love Jasmin to win. I am not in competition with her.’ But he has to play his game, just because he went in the show for Jasmin doesn’t mean he will sit in the corner. He wants Jasmin to win, but when it comes to second priority or top three, he would want to be there with her,” she said.

“If he wants her to win there is nothing wrong with that, it’s their bond and I would respect it and love it. For me, if Jasmin wins or Aly wins, it will be the same for me. I see them equally, it’s not like he is my brother and so I will favour him more, Jasmin is equally important to me, and I love her equally. So I will be more than happy if she wins,” she added.

Ilham also said that Jasmin needed her best friend very bad and so by Aly’s entry in the house, her confidence and strength rose. She added saying, “But if you see they both are playing their own individual games. They are not interfering there. Friends telling each other to calm down or not to get angry is not wrong. And Aly has been guiding her in the right direction. Haters are going to hate, there are fan following of other people also, and they will always say negative things, and that’s ok. But yes, Jasmin has come up way stronger than before, and now at least she has realised that you cannot be in everyone’s good books.”

Aly Goni with Jasmin Bhasin

She also confessed, “Aly and Jasmin share an amazing bond. She is an amazing soul. I have never seen such a pure-hearted person in my life and whatever she is there in the show, she is like that in real life too. People may call her fake, but she is genuinely like that, she has the heart of a child.”

By expressing so much about Aly and Jasmin’s friendship Ilham said, “Jasmin and Aly are poles apart. Aly is short-tempered and Jasmin is very calm and mature. They balance each other and I love the bond they share. Aly lives in Mumbai, while we are in Jammu and Kashmir, and Jasmin is like a family to him there. We are never worried about him, if anything happens we just call up Jasmin and ask her about it. It is amazing and I have not seen such friendship and bond. And I hope it remains like that.”

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