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“There is something intriguing about him”- Manit Jaura

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Recently Manit Jaura who will be seen the role of Harsh Shastri in dangal show Prem Bandhan. Further he shares about his role, character and much more.

What would you like to say about the show and its concept?

Prem Bandhan is an intriguing story of righteous and ethical girl Janki Srivastav, who shoulders the sole responsibility of her family. She is at a crossroad when she agrees to marry Harsh Shashtri, which is me, who has a mysterious past. It is a story of a small town, Darbhanga, based in Patna. It’s a sweet simple old school love story that we don’t get to see these days. You will meet some characters who will make you smile, laugh, cry and even make you feel nostalgic about the feeling of falling in love and some will also surprise you. This is what we are trying to bring.

What’s your role in the show?

I am portraying the character of Harsh Shastri who is a self-made, successful and extremely rich business man. He is an IT mastermind who has inspired many people but comes from a small town. In spite of his success, he has his head between his shoulders. He still believes in old school romance. A person who believes in women empowerment and has huge respect for them. He loves his family a lot but has an element which is mysterious. Every time you will learn something new about him. But for now he is a good man and ideal man actually with a little bit of arrogance. There is something intriguing about him.

How does it feel to associate with Ekta Kapoor again

Every actor who comes to Bombay has a dream to be associated with Ekta Ma’am. And I am no different. She has given me a platform to showcase my hard work in front of you. It’s a very big deal for me that she has blessed me with a couple of opportunities till date. It’s a pleasure for me to be a part of Balaji Telefilms. She makes stars with such beautiful content. I feel lucky to be part of such beautiful story. I feel eternally grateful To Ekta Ma’am for making me a part of such a beautiful story like Prem Bandhan.

How would you describe your bond with Chhavi Pandey?

It is my first time working with Chhavi and it has been amazing. She is a wonderful actress and does some beautiful work. As actors we do meet a lot of other actors to work with. But it feels best to work with the people you vibe with. Once we gel, we don’t realize how time flies. And she has an amazing human. So other than working, just a conversation also feels comfortable. Well, we have just started shooting so we haven’t performed a lot together but I am very excited for the journey ahead.

Any messages for the fan

I feel very grateful that you guys have supported me throughout the years. Keep this love and support the same and please watch our new show Prem Bandhan, I am sure you guys will enjoy it. I want to say that my fans inspire me to give my best and work harder and I feel really thankful for that.

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