Jasmin Bhasin can’t see any truth in Vikas Gupta, says it’s all fake

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In recent episode of Bigg Boss 14 we had seen how Jasmin Bhasin and Vikas Gupta were talking about loyalty. Basically, there was a conversion going on among Rubina Dilaik, Jasmin Bhasin and others, Vikas Gupta was saying that “he likes how Jasmin is loyal to people whom she promises to be. Be it her friends, peers or any particular person. And she gives hr 100% of loyalty. As everyone had seen though Abhinav had not taken her name during the nomination round, she stood by his side supporting him.” He also adds that, “ I wanted to be her friend since I have entered the house.”

Jasmin Bhasin then says that,”there were some internal reasons due to which he was thrown out.” Also adds, “ all those talks of vibe and side to be taken are all FAKE.”

To which Vikas Gupta says that, “ I’m scared to become someone else but I AM OKAY!” Also says that “I was thrown out of the show “Khatra Khatra Khatra”

Jasmin’s reply to that was, “ he was thrown out because of his own mistake, he created a dispute with the channel. There was a dispute.” She also says in the discussion carried on that, “ she doesn’t like the way he talks, his face gestures, his behaviour, there is nowhere truth to be seen.”

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