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Karan Patel says, ” I personally want to see Rakhi win the title”

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Recently, when Karan Patel was interviewed, he was asked a series of questions about Bigg Boss 14. He has also said that he has been a keen watcher of the Bigg Boss 14. He is very supportive about Aly Goni from outside of the show itself and confirms that he supports all the decisions of Aly.

Recently Aly and Jasmin were discussing about their relationship and marriage here is what Karan Patel comments on Aly‘s marriage plan, “I’m happy with whatever makes Aly happy, he is my baby brother and nothing means more to me than his happiness.”

He had also commented on whom he would like to see win the show apart from Aly Goni here is what he said, “Honestly, I think there are a couple of others who are equally deserving to win the title if it does not go to Aly. I would personally want to see Rakhi win the title. Because she not only is funny but way smarter than what the other housemates make her.”

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