Cat Fight Turns Ugly Between Rakhi And Jasmin

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In today’s episode of Bigg Boss 14 we will get to watch the resumed ugly catfight between Rakhi Sawant and Jasmin Bhasin. So today while Jasmin Bhasin was chilling on a couch with Nikki Tamboli and Rubina Dilaik and others.

And Rakhi Sawant was going to wash the dishes but Jasmin teases her saying, “ her nose might fall off” referring to her nose job by which Rakhi Sawant gets disappointed. And that was a restart to the catfight, wherein we all know Rakhi won’t listen to Jasmin and be quiet. Rakhi also replies to her saying, “fine! You can come and wash the dishes then.” Still Jasmin continues to tease constantly that her nose might fall and also adds that, “ you got hurt with a paper kind of cap” in a sarcastic manner.

Rakhi loses it and pulls a chair in front of it and confronts her, “ whom are you saying nose will fall. You stop doing such bullying things.” Jasmin again teases her in a different way this time saying, “drama company” then Rakhi says, “I’m suffering through the pain because of you. You look like a bat and looks like a witch.” to which Jasmin replies, “ who are you? at least I haven’t paid to get it fixed.”

Vikas Gupta comes in between and asks Rakhi to cool down by patting on her shoulder while Nikki Tamboli supports and giggles with Jasmin when she teases Rakhi Sawant. While Jasmin doesn’t cool down, Rakhi is seen becoming violent. But the teasing still goes on and on.

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