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AjayM,”Arishfa tortured us on set”

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Arishfa Khan, one of the famous tik-tokers and child tv serial actresses and Lucky dancer is also one of the famous tik-tokers. They both have cheated a music label by Mukesh Sharma and A-Jay M from Pulse Music Studio.
Basically, they were all pumped up to shoot the two music videos lined up them as leads. But the fact is that they didn’t complete their work professionally. Meaning they didn’t promote the music teasers or posters or anything. They need to know that they are all in together porfessionally.

Can you please breed us about the controversy going on about your music videos int he recentl week?
People had already warned me from working with Arishfa Khan and lucky dancer mainly Arishfa Khan because she is not at all professional when it comes to work. She is not careful of what people think in professional terms and same goes with her mother. Personaly, I liked Arishfa and Lucky dancer hence I wanted to cast them but after what we’ve gone through I remember those who warned me. But that time I thought they might be jealous of us casting such good people in my music videos.

What did you mean when you said that people on set were mentally tortured?
I meant that during the shoot the locations we had decided were all rejected by Arishfa and her mother. They both weren’t cooperating properly with anyone and were continuously having some or the other problem. they have also used the professional means of expenses to cover their personal fro arishfa’s uncle and her brother as well. Be it their travelling or any other expense. they went till such extent that Mukesh Sharma had to be hospitalised there during the shoot itself.

Do you regret about your decision about finalising them for the leads in your music videos?
yes! Since they have gone to such extent that they Aren’t even responding to our calls or texts. They have no courtesy of even asking us after uploading the video on youtube also.

What is your message for other artists?
All I want to say is please do not ever betray your superiors or anyone for that matter professionally. If you have some personal issues keep it aside and work well. It should not affect your professional life. All you need to do work with your peers and enjoy! This field is growing day by day and it is one of the best fields to work in.

Whats is a message for your fans?
Firstly, thank you so much to all of you who has been following me and have been loving me since day 1 and the song as well. Inspite of them not promoting the songs they have worked well and im so proud of that fact. Again thank you to all for having my back.

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