Anirudh Dave Turns Transgender

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Anirudh Dave is seen for playing various characters. Now he is entering the show Shakti- Astitva Ehsaas ki where he will be seen portraying the role of Transgender.

Sharing about the role he says, ” There is a lot of stigmas associated with transgenders in our society. But we must not forget that they are human beings, just like anyone else, and not different from others. It’s a very performance-oriented show with a huge fan following. When I was offered the role and the character was narrated to me, there was no question of saying ‘no’ or having second thoughts.”

Commenting on the particular character he is going to play he says, “I am not playing a regular transgender, which we generally see on-screen, wearing big bindi and sindoor with heavy sarees. I play a male eunuch and the look is inspired by the concept of Ardhnarishwar. So, you will see me wearing western dresses teamed up with an Indian look. It’s a kind of mix and match.”

Now it would be interesting to watch Anirudh Dave in such a character and what more he has to say about it.

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