Everyone goes into a meltdown

3 min read

All Bigg Boss fans will be getting to see everyone in the house having their own breakdown. You can guess why? because they all will be meeting their respective closed ones only that one particular person. Hence they all cry.
When Bigg Boss announces this task not task as such but they all get pretty emotional. Later they all have to decide who would get how much time with their respective closed ones.

First Nikki Tamboli meets her mother and gets 8 minutes and her mother asks her to not abuse anyone in the house. Then Abhinav Shukla gets to meet his close friend, Shilpa Agnihotri and gets 8 minutes as well. She wishes everyone in the house a good luck and exclaims her love for Rakhi Sawant as an entertainer. Later Aly Goni gets to meet his sister Illham Goni over a video call and he gets emotional and gets to meet his nephew.

Rahul Vaidya breaks down seeing his mother and chat for 10 minutes. Sonali Phogat also melts watching her daughter enter from outside, they both chat as well for 8 minutes. Lastly, Eijaz Khan meets his brother and finally cries out loud looking at his brother. Thats it for today.

Stay tuned for more such Bigg Boss news.

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